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2016.04.19. 23:24 Idézet

Nekem Nagyon Nagyon tetszik nekem EZ this page Mert nekem ajánlotta Lak Gábor atya Akit ti is ismertek Pestszentimrén egy katolikus templom plébánosa ő is szeret veletek foglalkozni ezért nekem Mondta egyszer egy alkalommal azóta nekem Nagyon Nagyon tetszik Mert én is jó magam értelmifogyatékos vagyok és 1.éve hogy katolikus vagyok elsőáldozásból és bérmálkodásból lettem katolikus ezért van írtam a üzenőfalatokra.

Máté Krisztina

2015.10.15. 15:21 Idézet

A letter of thanks to Hungary


The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate hereby addresses the Hungarian nation – all sectors of society, the political government, the religious leaders, the men and women, the youth. Above all, on behalf of the Patriarchate and on behalf of all sincere Christians, we thank the representatives of the government for:

1) rejecting gender perversion and same-sex marriage, and acknowledging in the Constitution marriage as the union of one man and one woman, thus preserving the Christian Europe tradition;

2) legalizing a ban on Sunday trading in supermarkets, thus preventing the desecration of a holy day and consequently destabilization of the family;

3) effective resistance of the government and the people to the Islamization of the nation promoted by US globalists. Hungary has thus become an example to others, mainly the Slovak and Czech Republics.

Do persevere in your brave resistance to globalization! Antilaws are systematically imposed on every nation. Their aim is to promote moral, spiritual and physical autogenocide. The anti-Decalogue of the so-called Lisbon Treaty with the priority of homosexuality and sexual LGBTQ deviance has resulted in a curse progressing. The responsibility for this curse coupled with the Islamization of Europe rests primarily with the Vatican. The Vatican has fallen away from God by endorsing and proclaiming heresies of neo-Modernism which deny Christ’s redemptive sacrifice on the cross, His real and historical resurrection and divine inspiration of Scripture. In addition, the Vatican advocates syncretism with paganism (Nostra aetate 1965, Assisi 1986). Pseudo Pope Francis de facto approves homosexuality, which became manifest especially in his gesture of kissing the feet of a transsexual. An anathema – a curse acc. Gal 1:8-9 – was declared on him, Card. Bergoglio, on 15 September 2009 for unity with heresies and syncretism. He occupies the office illegitimately. The dogmatic bull of St Paul IV promulgated: “If the Roman Pontiff, prior to his promotion or elevation as Roman Pontiff, has fallen into some heresy, the promotion or elevation, even if it shall have been by the unanimous assent of all the Cardinals, shall be null, void and worthless. Each and all of his actions and enactments, howsoever made, shall be without force!” Therefore his regulation requiring all Catholics in Europe to host at least one family of Muslims in every parish and every convent does not oblige anyone and, moreover, it is a betrayal of Christ, the Gospel and the whole Christian tradition. Francis has projected nationwide Islamization through the mediation of each parish. Not even US globalists have dared to come up with such a project. No bishop and no priest can by any means for reasons of conscience realize this project of self-destruction of the nation and Christianity, and, moreover, as citizens of Hungary they have no right to do so.

We hereby encourage the Catholic Bishops to set an example of repentance and to renounce heresies and syncretism with paganism. If any of the bishops are under an anathema, after this gesture of renunciation and profession of faith the anathema will be removed (see Attachment).

Hungary has found itself at the epicentre of the fight against satanic globalization. Therefore it needs God’s help. May Hungary start sound mission and be raised spiritually through conversion and true repentance! Saint Paul encourages us to desire the gift of prophecy intended to “comfort, exhort and edify” (cf. 1Cor 14:3). May there be such prophets who will speak in the mass media and censure the system of demagoguery, lies and NWO globalization. May they expose the methods and crimes of globalists. May they uncover juvenile justice crime statistics of mental and physical child abuse. In Norway, 59 of children stolen from their parents by the juvenile justice system commit suicide every year. Mothers end up in alcoholism, drug addiction or suicide. The pernicious fruit of the juvenile justice system is also seen in England, France, Finland... Some European countries have already legalized narcotics and even euthanasia for children! There is a need for true warriors and defenders of the truth in the Hungarian mass media! There is a need to use the mass media, culture and education properly to mould the younger generation. Young people need to be prepared for responsible family life and warned against self-destructive traps set by globalists who mainly abuse the Internet technology. It is necessary that men who have received Christ as their Lord and Saviour gather together in small groups and learn to be the head of the family and society, primarily by a responsible approach to problems. Then they will have the strength to pursue truth and justice and to protect the nation against autogenocidal and treacherous systems.

The prophetic programme for the spiritual resurrection of the individual, family and nation at the present time is as follows:

1) A tithe of time (2 hours and 25 minutes) to God and your soul in prayer. All family members pray the holy hour from 8 to 9 p.m. together (vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=11475). Every Christian prays for one hour during the day – this is a so-called prayer guard creating a continuous prayer for the salvation of Hungary (vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=11481). Pensioners can take turns praying in the nighttime. It is appropriate that during the week they gather for common prayer and take full advantage of pension age for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of their family and the nation (see the lifting up of a mountain acc. Mk 11:23: vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=9943 and the prophetic prayer acc. Ez 37: vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=9812). Christians also stop for a short prayer (3-5 minutes) during the day (see vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=4952). Except for a short stop after getting up and at the end of the holy hour at 21:00, the prayer stops are at 9:00, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00 and before bedtime.

2) Celebration of Sunday (see vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?p=11421)

Time for fellowship is part of the celebration of Sunday. It is time when men pray and devote themselves to the Word of God, but also seek the truth in dealing with concrete problems in the spiritual, family and political struggle against the system of lies and the spirit of death.

May Hungary through sincere Christians receive a vital spiritual programme for its salvation and become a model of spiritual resurrection for other nations!

Praying for Hungary,



+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate



+ Methodius OSBMr             + Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops






28 September 2015

Attachment: Confession form

1) Do you believe in the One Lord Jesus Christ, Light from Light, true God from true God, of one Being with the Father, who for us and for our salvation became man, and by the power of the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary?

2) Do you believe that our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and for your sins, and rose from the dead on the third day historically and really?

3) Do you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour and do you give your life to Him?

4) Do you receive the Blessed Virgin as your spiritual Mother like the disciple by the cross? (Jn 19:25-27)

5) Do you receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth and the spirit of repentance, in order to become Christ’s witness, martyr, like the Apostles?

6) Do you renounce the spirit of the New Age – the spirit of syncretism with pagan religions and the heresies of neo-Modernism?

7) Do you renounce the spirit of gender ideology which promotes all forms of LGBTQ sexual perversion?

8) Do you renounce the destructive system of juvenile justice which ruthlessly steals children from their parents and abuses them morally, mentally and physically?

9) Do you renounce Satan and his demons, especially those who at this time work through different covert forms of magic, spiritualism or divination (homoeopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, divination by pendulum...)?

10) Do you renounce the spirit of Freemasonry and the New World Order (NWO) – the spirit of globalization which programmes moral, spiritual and physical autogenocide of Christianity and humanity?


.............................................         .................................

(Signature)                                               (Date)

2015.10.07. 14:52 Idézet

Is Allah and the Christian God one and the same?


The present time witnesses mass Islamization of Europe, which is promoted by the USA in cooperation with the Vatican. On 6 September 2015, pseudo Pope Francis launched a programme of destruction of Christianity and European civilization. He demands that every parish, every monastery and every sanctuary throughout Europe should host a so-called Muslim family. This is a betrayal of the faith and violation of the sovereignty of individual European states. The fruit of Francis’ “mercy” shall be nationwide Islamization of Europe through suicidal Catholics.

A synod held at Constantinople in 1180 adopted a formula holding that Allah is not the God of the Bible. The synod also adopted the formula of solemn abjuration of the faith in Allah and his prophet Muhammad which was exacted from Muslim converts to Christianity before receiving the sacrament of Baptism. This was also the practice of the Orthodox Church in Russia, where Muslim minorities existed.

The Byzantine apologists of the Christian faith against Islam were e.g.: St John Damascene; Bartholomew of Edessa; Gennadius, Patriarch of Constantinople; the Latin apologists: St Thomas Aquinas; Peter of Cluny; Raymond Lull; Dominican friar Richard; John of Torquemada.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day, historically and really. His Resurrection is the strongest evidence that all that He said in the Gospel is true. Furthermore, the Resurrection is the evidence of His Divinity. Assuming our human nature through the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Spirit, He revealed the mystery of the Holy Trinity: there is one God in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The heresy saying that Allah is the same as the Triune God was implied in the Nostra aetate declaration of Vatican II (1965). However, the Muslims themselves deny this heresy.

If there was unity between the two, the Koran would not order Muslims to kill non-Muslims and above all “the people of the Covenant”, i.e. Jews and Christians. Therefore, the God of Christians and the Allah of Islam are two diametrically different beings.

The Bible testifies: “Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either.” So true Catholic and Orthodox believers never identify the Christian God the Father with Allah who calls for a bloody slaughter of all Christians. To put it concretely, Muslims cut their heads off in a ritual and accompany it with prayers to Allah. This actually reminds of human sacrifices in pagan rites.

Modern heretics with the so-called spirit of ecumenism and interfaith dialogue deceive the common believers by so-called peace prayers and various gestures. John Paul II kisses the Koran and prays with pagans who “sacrifice to demons” (1Cor 10:20).

One must know that the Allah of Islam is not the same as the Triune God of Christians!



+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


+ Methodius OSBMr           +Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops





Donetsk – Prague, 5 October 2015



Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

vkpatriarhat.org.ua, uogcc.org.ua, byzcathpatriarchate@gmail.com


2015.06.06. 08:21 Idézet

Glory to Jesus Christ!

We send You a copy of our pastoral letter to Hungarian bishops of 18 May 2015.


Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Patriarchate

vkpatriarhat.org.ua, uogcc.org.ua, byzcathpatriarchate@gmail.com



Pastoral letter to Hungarian bishops


Dear Bishops of Hungary!

You live in a historic time when we are witnesses to gradual autogenocide of the nations under the influence of the ideology of consumerism which is associated with immorality and perversion. This ideology prioritizes homosexualism, paedophilia, zoophilia, narcotics, euthanasia even for children and healthy people, stealing of human organs. This age is ruthlessly anti-Christian and anti-Catholic. The individual’s identity is eroded and a kind of biorobots are formed by means of gender ideology. This false ideology removes the God-given difference between man and woman and produces de facto mentally disturbed individuals who become a plaything of a variety of not only unclean but even sadistic demons. These dubious characters are then purposefully promoted to key positions in order to terrorize normal people by establishing antilaws and consequently by sanctions and imprisonments. The priority in the EU currently is not just legalization but directly privileging of homosexualism and sexual perversions associated with the stealing of children from their loving parents, and that not from dysfunctional families but from good families. An artificial pretext for stealing of children is so-called “domestic violence” or “stifling love”, which are terms used by this system to refer to sound Christian and moral upbringing. Promotion of perversion among children starts in the very kindergartens. This satanic ideology leads to autogenocide of the nations and humanity under positive terms such as “children’s rights”, “women’s rights”, “child protection”... These terms are a guise for the most serious crimes against humanity, worse than the crimes of fascism or other genocidal ideologies in history. Mass media under the sway of this spirit change the minds of people and serve in promoting autogenocide of their own nations.

The greatest tragedy is that this moral decay is the fruit of heresies which covertly like cancer progressed in the Mystical Body of Christ, which is the Church. The former Pope Benedict XVI, being Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, admitted that after Vatican Council II only such priest could become a bishop who was open to the world. Such bishop then held liberal views coupled with heresies which he accepted as so-called aggiornamento. Astuteness consisted in the fact that these heresies were hidden and the heretic did not call them by their proper names (this also was admitted by Pope Benedict). This is how the spirit of antichrist works. The gravest heresies against Christ’s Gospel were spread even under the guise of positive terms. In the period after the Council, a true reform was needed within the Church through repentance and conversion! However, it was replaced by a so-called liturgical reform. In consequence, this reform was a crime against the Church because it pushed aside true repentance! It no longer placed emphasis on conversion, keeping God’s commandments and true celebration of Sunday.

At that time, the second half of the 20th century, paganism experienced a renaissance through Hindu yoga and Buddhist martial arts connected with meditations, massages and acupuncture. Furthermore, rock music which has its roots in the satanic voodoo associated with drugs, violence and cynicism was massively popularized. The sick and one-sided psychology of the atheist Freud and occultist Jung began to be deified. Sexual revolution stirred by paedophile Kinsey broke out. Heresies of neo-Modernism proclaimed by Bultmann and receptiveness to paganism through the Vatican II declaration on so-called reverence for pagan religions, i.e. for their demons, penetrated into the Church! Faithful Catholic bishops, priests and religious were isolated, ridiculed and punished for so-called disobedience to ecclesiastical authority! It was a process of anti-repentance, full openness to the world, so-called aggiornamento! Christianity became stale salt; prophets were spiritually killed, heretics got hold of the formation of the future clergy and occupied episcopal offices. That was a crime, a betrayal of Christ and of the Gospel! The disintegration process escalated under Pope John Paul II who tacitly approved of heresies and he himself made a receptive gesture to the spirit of paganism – the spirit of New Age! Hiding oneself behind moralizing without emphasizing repentance and conversion produced the opposite effect. A massive process of disintegration of the family started. The cult of unchastity was massively inculcated by the mass media. The Vatican remained silent and continued with the self-destruction programme of aggiornamento instead of salvific repentance! Instead of mission it promoted so-called peace and spiritual unity with paganism!

Heresies spread at theological faculties like an avalanche and covertly, under the guise of better understanding of Holy Scripture, denied the most fundamental truths of the faith: the Divinity of Christ, His historical and real Resurrection and divine inspiration of Holy Scripture. However, everything was disguised with the so-called scholarly historical-critical method, the substance of which was condemned already by Pope St Pius X. Behind this method was and is the spirit of neo-Modernism associated with atheism. This spirit uses an impudent principle of manipulation by way of ridiculing unconverted students of theology and inculcates heresies in their minds on the basis of intellectual pride!

At this critical time when it was necessary to repent, God’s Spirit breathed on the Church especially through the so-called Charismatic Renewal. This Renewal was intended to form Christ’s witnesses (martyrs – ‘martyres’) (Acts 1:8). The Apostles, and especially the Apostle Paul, were and always are an example. The Apostle Paul was a true witness – a martyr of Christ. He could say truthfully: “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21) ... “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me” (Gal 2:20). The Charismatic Renewal was de facto gradually quenched in the Catholic Church. The renewal of mission which began on its basis ended soon. So this Renewal failed to leaven the paralyzed Church. Who is to blame? Obviously both sides. Those who accepted the spiritual renewal, but also the Church hierarchy and the false prophets, so-called theologians, who abused converted people, thwarted their vocation and made them instruments of spreading poisonous liberal and neo-Modernist theology. In this post-conciliar period, Pope John Paul II instead of true repentance makes a gesture in Assisi by which he opens the door of the Church to the spirit of paganism which is associated with divination, magic and spiritualism and which worships demons in place of God. Beginning with Moses and ending with the last book of Scripture, a hard fight is waged against this spirit. The prophets called this “reverence” for other religions and their demons “spiritual fornication”. Martyrs refused to drop a single grain of incense and preferred to die rather than show reverence for demons! By his gesture, John Paul II committed a grave crime against the Gospel, against the Church Tradition and against the whole Scripture. This gesture introduced new thinking but heretical one which falsely considers pagan religions to be alternative ways to salvation! This is nonsense and a supreme heresy! This gesture practically puts an end to mission. Mission starts to be pejoratively called proselytism which allegedly harms the culture of the particular nation. Consequently, through these phrases, the Holy Spirit was expelled from the Church and moral decay began. Scandals connected with clerical paedophilia spreading from America through Ireland to Australia discredited the Catholic Church. What put the lid on was that by his gesture of beatification of John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI de facto elevated to the altar of the Church heresies of neo-Modernism disseminated during the pontificate of John Paul II who gave his tacit consent to them. At the same time, he canonized the spirit of neo-paganism and syncretism which John Paul II introduced by his gesture in Assisi in 1986. This apostatical gesture set a precedent for all Catholics! His beatification represented the culmination of apostasy from orthodox doctrine and Tradition, and brought down a curse on the Catholic Church according to the Word of God: “If anyone preaches any other gospel, even if it was an angel from heaven, let him be accursed.” (cf. Gal 1:8-9).

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate appealed to Benedict XVI to reject this step of beatification even if it should cost him life. However, because he did make this step, the Patriarchate made public God’s curse – anathema on him that very day – 1 May 2011. Through him, this curse fell on the whole Catholic Church! The publication of anathema was intended to awaken him to the reality and to help him repent in earnest! Unfortunately, he shows no repentance and the infection affects more and more nations. The Ukrainian nation at the present time is an example of how a curse looks for which the blame falls above all on the Catholic Church which instigated a so-called revolution of dignity, or homosexuality, instead of repentance (see statements by Bishop Gudziak and Card. Husar). Thus the Catholic Church, due to its apostasy, brings down a curse on the nations and sows physical and spiritual death! This is the harsh reality and we cannot close our eyes to it. Honest Catholics ask: How to repent? How to adopt sound Christian principles and tradition cleansed of heresies and amoral devastation of the post-conciliar period?

The Hungarian nation is the only one in the EU to oppose the antichristian laws and to declare the family to be the foundation of human society. In the Constitution, this nation clearly defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, whereby it flatly rejects homosexual or lesbian marriage as promoted by degenerate Europe. The Vatican and its current pseudo-Pope Francis give tacit consent to the latter. Francis has not said a single radical word against heresies, against syncretism or against homosexual or transsexual perversion! By his gestures, silence and indications he expresses approval of this rebellion against the law of God and against God! The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate published God’s anathema on him too acc. Gal 1:8-9. No one can remove the anathema from him unless he repents in earnest!

At the present time every Catholic Christian, be it a layman, religious, priest, bishop or cardinal, is obliged before God to confess the true Catholic faith and to dissociate himself from the spirit of modern heresies and from the spirit of apostasy in the Church. The external gesture must be separation from the curse of the Vatican! Priests must not mention the name of the present heretical “Pope” in the liturgy. If anyone does so, then by this external gesture he brings down a curse on himself and on all attendants in the church. The believers are obliged to warn such priest or bishop! If he persists under the sway of the spirit of curse, they must dissociate themselves from the heretic according to the Bull of Pope St Paul IV and are no longer bound by obedience to such pseudo-Pope, bishop or priest. This apostate church structure which rejects repentance is not part of the Mystical Body of Christ – the Church – any more! Therefore, a priest who manifests unity with Pope” Francis in the liturgy or in public thus voluntarily remains under his curse and receives the spirit of New Age which drove out the Spirit of God from the Church! Liturgies celebrated by such priest and all sacraments administered by him are then just a pious performance and are null and void! To show repentance, every priest must confess the true faith, publicly (in the presence of the faithful) renounce the spirit of neo-Modernism which is proclaimed at theological faculties through historical-critical theology, renounce the spirit of syncretism (i.e. the spirit of Assisi) associated with reverence for pagan religions and their demons, and renounce false tolerance of homosexual, transsexual and other forms of sexual perversion! These are sins above all against the First Commandment for which an anathema falls on every priest, bishop, religious or common believer acc. Gal 1:8-9!!!

A sign of repentance must be that a priest will not mention the present invalid Pope Francis in the liturgy. He can use the following formula instead: “In unity with all orthodox Popes and Bishops of the Catholic Church”.

Through the gesture in Assisi and through heresies, the spirit of satanization was unleashed on the individual Catholic nations. We now reap the fruits in present-day antichristian Europe! The exception in the EU is Hungary! The political regime under Prime Minister V. Orban correctly defined the essence of marriage in the Constitution of the State. In fact, it thus rejected all forms of pseudo-marriage (homosexual and schizophrenic gender ideology)!

Another heroic step of the Prime Minister was his resistance to the business system which was abused and prevented people from keeping Sunday. True celebration of Sunday enables Christians to find time for themselves, for their family, for prayer, for God’s Word as well as for a living fellowship! The reform of Christianity must start with these measures declared by the political representative of Hungary – restoration of the family through celebration of Sunday! It is not enough today to be present at the Sunday liturgy. And if this liturgy is celebrated by a priest who is in unity with the apostate Vatican, it is a source of curse rather than blessing! It is necessary that Sunday should be the Day of Resurrection and the Day of the Holy Spirit when Christians devote time to family prayer and especially Christian men gather together and devote themselves to fellowship after the example of early Christians (Acts 2:42). Here men would find time for prayer and then they would learn how to perform the function of the head in the family, in the Church and in society. They would ask the Holy Spirit for true wisdom in protecting their family, bringing up children and struggling together for the preservation of moral values which are the greatest treasure for the nation. Without fellowship, without the apostles’ teaching – i.e. the Bible and orthodox Tradition, and without prayers of men who lift up holy hands to God (1Ti 2:8) the Church and the nation cannot be restored. Therefore, the Catholic Church in Hungary cannot be subject in false obedience to the spirit of apostasy which holds power in the present-day Vatican. It is not the Spirit of Christ but just an imitation, disguised with pious phrases, using psychological manipulation and abusing spiritual authority and obedience for self-destruction of the Church and nation.

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate appeals to all Hungarian Catholics as well as all Christians in Hungary to join in perpetual prayer and to call on God day and night for spiritual resurrection of the Catholic Church in Hungary. 24 people fill 24 hours of the day and each of them keeps one-hour prayer guard for one week in a month. 4 groups, comprised of 24 members each, fill 4 weeks and the cycle repeats itself. Apart from that, let each participant pray the holy hour from 8 to 9 p.m. at home or in the place where they are.

The believers should alert the bishops and priests in writing or in person to the necessity of renouncing heresies as well as unity with the spirit of the present-day apostate Vatican.

You, Bishops of Hungary, have ideal conditions for making a heroic step and dissociating Yourselves from the heresies of the apostate Vatican. This will set a precedent for restoring the whole Catholic Church! Unless You make this step, You will be more responsible before the judgment seat of God than the bishops in the states where homosexuality was legalized. If You remain subject to the apostate Vatican in false obedience, You thus resist not only the law of God but also the state law of Hungary which rejects same-sex marriage!

This pastoral letter is a word of prophecy for all Hungary. God gives it to You for Your salvation! “Unless you repent, you will all perish!” (Lk 13:3).

Bestowing a blessing on all sincere Christians in the Hungarian nation,


+ Elijah

Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate


Donetsk, 18 May 2015


+ Methodius OSBMr           +Timothy OSBMr

Secretary Bishops


see vkpatriarhat.org.ua/en/?page_id=9564



P.S.: We would like to ask Hungarian Christians for a translation of the text from English or from the Czech original into Hungarian and sending it out by mail to their friends who have at heart salvation of their souls and restoration of their nation.



Copies to:

  • Prime Minister and Government of Hungary
  • Priests, religious and Catholic believers of Hungary
  • Presidents of EU Members States
  • Bishops of EU Member States
  • MEPs
  • President and Government of the Russian Federation
  • Presidents and Governments of Ukraine and Belarus
  • Bishops of the Orthodox Church in Europe
  • Vatican Secretariat of State
  • Mass media in the EU

2015.02.07. 17:49 Idézet

Hagyó József atya ma befejezte földi szolgálatát. Imádkozzunk érte!

2015.01.10. 18:05 Idézet

Nagyon jó az oldal sok síkert hozzá.

Máté Kriszti

2012.04.20. 13:41 Idézet

KEdves Tartósan beteg gyermeket nevelő szülők, pedagógusok, érdeklődők!

Annak idején, amikor kiderült a lányunkról, hogy tartós betegségben szenved Szerettem volna szakirodalmat olvasni a témában, minekután volt tapasztalatom abban, hogy pl. a házasságról, egészséges gyermek neveléséről szóló könyvek mennyire megkönnyíthetik egynéhány probléma megoldását. Ilyen könyvet nem találtam.

Most- 13 év után - pedagógusként, érintett szülőként, feleségként írtam egy könyvet "BEteg testben ép lélek" címmel.

A könyv nem betegségspecifikus, azaz megpróbálta megtalálni a legnagyobb közös osztóját a beteg gyermekeket nevelő családok problémáinak.

Részleteket olvashatók a www.beteggyermek.5mp.eu oldalon. HA megnyerte a tetszést (az eddigi olvasóktól nagyon jó kritikát kaptam), megrendelhető a www.beteggyermek.gmail.com email címre írva, vagy a honlapon található helyeken személyesen.

Jó egészséget kívánva, üdvözlettel: Molnárné László ANdrea

2011.10.23. 13:35 Idézet


2011.07.23. 12:57 Idézet


   Egy jó barátom szólt, hogy cégek keresnek megváltozott munkaképességű embereket, esetleg enyhe ért.fogyosokat dolgozni Budapesten (nem tudom, milyen munkák). A munkaközvetítő elérhetősége:

Magyar Katica, tel.: 20-347-3038

Köszöntök mindenkit: Pataki András (Szőlő)

2011.04.10. 17:52 Idézet

2011 tavaszi könyvheti újdonság az Alterra Könyvkiadótól:

Pilizota Szandra és Lengyel Róbert: A jaguáristen álmodik


„A jaguáristen álmodik című kalandregényben Marquee de Cassal kapitányasszony irányításával a Sirály nevű kalózhajó és legénységének történetéről olvashatunk. Igazi kalózhistória, elrejtett és megátkozott kincsek, testvérek közötti ellenségeskedés, a színfalak mögött húzódó összeesküvés." 


2009.09.22. 20:19 Idézet

Dicsértessék mindenkinek!

Egy csodálatos szentkép és papi ruhák látványára  szeretném felhivni figyelmeteket. A heves megyei MÁTRADERECSKÉN, a Kossuth ut 13. sz. alatti FALUHÁZBAN nyilt meg a PALÓC ÉLET ÉS SZENTKÉP KIÁLLITÁS.         Ez bemutatja az ősi palóc életet, a tisztaszobát, konyhát, kamrát, a kenderfeldolgozás minden kellékét, és a gazdasági udvar minden használatos, de elfeledett dolgait.

A 85 db szentkép együttes látványa, a papi miseruhák összhangja, vallási ihletet ad a teremben lévőnek.

Megtekinteni bejentkezés után. 06/36/476-325 polg. mest. hiv. számán

vagy a 06/20/5737-049 Kismagdi szervezőnél lehet.

Mindenkit szeretettel várunk.

2009.01.10. 19:44 Idézet

Boldog új évet!

Marketing| Link marketing

2008.09.22. 18:14 Idézet
Sajnálattal látom, hogy az utolsó bejegyzés 2007-ben történt... "Kegyelem és békesség nektek Atyánktól, az Istentől és Jézus Krisztustól, a mi Urunktól"!

2007.08.10. 05:58 Idézet
Miskolci halak csoportja:http://kati73.mindenkilapja.hu/

2007.07.16. 00:38 Idézet
a miskolci Halaknak: Kedves Kata! A nevem Kondás Edit. Volt szerencsénk találkozni a tavalyi Girincsi táborban.Zsókát kisértem Kassáról . Lenne hozzád egy kérésem. Szretném ha tudnál valamilyen elérhetőséget adni a jurtásokra akik ott voltak a táborban. Email vagy tel. nagyon jo lenne, esetleg a falu neve ahol táboroznak. Nagyon köszönöm előre is Edit.

2007.06.27. 08:41 Idézet

Olvasom a honlapon, hogy vártok a közösségeitekbe. Igen, de hogyan lehet benneteket elérni? Hogyan lehet csatlakozni? Kit kell keresni? E-mail-t írtam, arra nem kaptam (még) választ.

Jobb ötlet híján írok a vendégklönyvbe is, hátha...


2005.04.20. 22:51 Idézet

Egy kis szikra van a szemükben, ez a szikra az élet érthetetlen szikrája, amlyet mi nem láthatunk mindig, csak akkor ha figyelmesen nézzük azt, akitől az élet származik. Azt kaptam nálatok, hogy egy picit megálltam, és elkondolkodtam, észrevettem, hogy amit ők látnak, én nem látom mindig, rájöttem, látni akarom mindig, tudni akarom csinálni, és arra is rájöttem, hogy ez magamtól nem megy, magamtól nem tudok szeretni, isten ajándéka ez.  ANONYM

2005.02.19. 21:02 Idézet


Mivel most pályázunk a romániai magyar Hit és Fény honlapjára, gondoltam megnézlek titeket. Így bukkantam rá a Vendégkönyvre. Lehet-e tőletek ötleteket „lopni”? Pl. pont ezt, hogy vendégkönyv?

Eredményes munkát és áldásos tevékenységet kívánok mindnyájatoknak

Simó Ági, a romániai magyar Hit és Fény nemzeti felelőse

2004.11.26. 21:18 Idézet
Nekem is tetszik a honlap. Csonka Laci

2004.11.05. 10:30 Idézet

Hello mindenki!


Jó ötlet a honlap

Tibi atya



Üdvözlünk minden kedves látogatót oldalunkon!

Jó nézelődést! :)


Köszönjük, hogy adója 1%-ával is támogatja a

Hit és Fény Alapítványt !

Adószám: 19650421-1-42

OTP Bank: 11705008-20134488-00000000

Indulás: 2004-10-09

Írhatsz nekünk:


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